Is your business spreadable? Sharable client experiences.

Client experiences that delight make it easy for clients to tell others about you.

Spreadable client experiencesIn 1977 Pillsbury had a commercial about just how spreadable their frosting was. They cut a knife out of a paper plate and showed everyone that you could spread it with a paper knife. While all you needed was a paper knife to spread the frosting onto a cake, you need something more to make your business easily spreadable by word of mouth.

If your business is easily spreadable, then you are giving your clients and colleagues a reason to share about you. It’s not just about giving them an incentive. Having incentives are a nice way to reward for referrals, but they aren’t always enough to cause people to think of telling others about you in the first place.

If you want to remind people to talk about you, then provide an experience that will cause them to naturally do that. People tend to talk about things that are extreme. Either an extreme disappointment or an extreme delight. Rarely do people share an average experience. As a business, you obviously want to avoid disappointing clients and colleagues and focus on delighting them.

Extreme Delight Experiences

Think back to the last time you were delighted. What happened that was noteworthy enough to make you want to tell someone else? It probably landed in one of the following categories:

  • Great Customer Service. A problem was resolved. Your bags were carried to your car. The files were sent where they needed to go without you even asking.
  • Personalized Attention. Someone remembered your name, your birthday or something special about you – like your favorite food or a hobby or interest.
  • Unexpected Appreciation. You’re minding your own business and you receive acknowledgement for something you did. A card in the mail. A thank you gift. Recognition. An extra discount or bonus.

Creating Client Experiences in Your Business

Reflect on the things that have surprised and delighted you in the past enough for you to talk about it to others. Now how can you recreate something similar in your own business?

  • Create a formula to resolve problems and go above and beyond so clients feel their concerns are taken seriously.
  • Think one step ahead of your clients. What will you do without being asked? How can you make things easier for them?
  • Create systems to learn as much as you can about your clients and keep that information on file.
  • Choose specific things you can do to personalize their experience.
  • Have their favorite snack waiting for them when they come into the office for a meeting.
  • Send them a card on their birthday.
  • Have a plan for thank you gifts so you can execute quickly.
  • Give them extra benefits for being a client.
  • Publicly recognize strategic partners for their role in your business.

When you incorporate these things into your business, you are giving your contacts some conversation starters. Instead of awkwardly making an introduction with the hopes of receiving an incentive, they can naturally start a conversation.

  • “You won’t believe what my financial planner did for me.”
  • “Not only did they take care of the problem, but they sent me flowers to apologize for their mistake.”
  • “Every time I show up, they have chocolate chip cookies waiting for me. I LOVE those things!”
  • “I panicked when I realized the printer needed the files, but the graphic designer took care of everything.”

Spreadable Client Experiences

What kind of conversations do you want your clients to have about you? How can you give them an experience that will start conversations? When you do that your business becomes spreadable by word of mouth rather than a paper knife.

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