How to Improve Customer Experience: The Tour Guide Method

How to improve customer experience by acting as the tour guide of your business.

how to improve customr experienceNot too long ago, I took my kids on a tour of a historic mansion. As we purchased our tickets, we were told where to go and what to do and when to expect our tour to begin. After a brief wait, the tour guide arrived. She shared expectations before we began. We were expected to behave and stay with the group. In turn, she would share details and information in each room we entered. Her instructions and plan set the stage and made everything run more smoothly.

In each room, she shared insider information and pointed out things we might not have noticed otherwise. We learned things and were given opportunities to ask questions along the way. She shared the reasons behind rules like, “don’t touch anything.” Our tour guide made sure the group stayed together and didn’t miss a thing. She also pointed out additional resources we might enjoy like special tours, events and the gift shop on the way out. Going on a tour gave me ideas on how to improve customer experience.

In your business, acting as a tour guide to your clients can increase loyalty. When a client signs up to work with you, let them know what to do first and when they will hear from you. Lay the groundwork of expectations – what they need to do and what you will do. Then gently lead them through your process. Give them the inside scoop based on your expertise and knowledge. Share facts, details and the “why” behind things.

As you do this, your clients will not expect more than what you plan to give. They will be more likely to hold up their end of things. You will create a unique experience of working with you and they will appreciate the guidance and insight you are able to offer them.

The Tour Guide Method – How to Improve Customer Experience

  • Set expectations up front. What will you do? What is expected of your clients? How does the process work? These details will help your clients know what comes next.
  • Share details and information. Your clients hire you because of your expertise. If you can share with them your knowledge as it relates to their problem, you will give them new insights and solutions.
  • Guide them all along the way. Our tour guide made sure we all stayed together. Are your clients keeping up and staying with you? Stick together through the process and you’ll all get to the same place at the same time.
  • Show them what to do at the end. Do you have additional resources that can support them after they finish working with you? You may provide additional programs or services they could benefit from. There may also be outside resources that can serve as their next steps. (Think of this as your business’ “gift shop.”)

If you are wondering how to improve customer experience, try acting as a tour guide. Doing so will help your clients through the process of working with you. When they feel cared for and guided, they will be more loyal and more likely to refer.

How do you guide your clients through the process of working with you? Share in the comments below.

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