Gift of the Week – Tokens & Icons

Tokens & IconsHey sports fans! Do you want to keep your love of the game and your team alive even after the season is over? Now that March Madness is over, you may be missing the action on the courts. You can carry a piece of the courts with you everywhere you go. Tokens & Icons takes used sports equipment, and old stadium and arena parts and turns them into small pieces of usable memorabilia.

In honor of basketball season, I wondered what unique basketball-related gift I could find. Tokens & Icons has taken the old hardwoods from several basketball floors and turned them into bottle openers and pens. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. They imprint them with the source of the wood and years it was used. They have both college and NBA courts.

Who gives Tokens & Icons as a gift?Tokens & Icons

Basketball memorabilia gifts are perfect for basketball fans. Did you client play college ball? Are they simply a huge fan of a particular team? Check to see if Tokens & Icons carries products from that team. If you work with athletes, colleges, or sports teams, this would make a great gift.

Make it more meaningful.

Finding out your client’s favorite team or alma mater will allow you to find a gift from that team. Giving them a piece of “their team” will be highly meaningful to them.

Get Yours

Imagine your client, a huge Boston Celtics fan, opening a drink with a bottle opener from the authentic Boston Garden floor as they sit down to watch the game. The only bottle opener they will want to use at game time is the Boston Garden opener. And each time they use it they will proud of their unique piece of memorabilia and will think fondly of you as the giver. You can find the Tokens & Icons stadium and sports gifts here.


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