Gift of the Week – Texas Branding Irons

Texas Branding IronsDo you know someone who is the grill master? Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves grilled meat? Texas Branding Irons are a unique gift to use on your home grill. Just as the ranchers in Texas have brands for their cattle, you can sear a brand into the meat as you cook it on the grill. They were created to be used on a gas or charcoal grill and can also be use with larger pit cookers. They have a selection of branding irons that include military insignias and college teams. You can also order a single initial or personalize up to 6 letters. They can even work with you to reproduce logos.

Who gives Texas Branding Irons as a gift?

Texas Branding Irons make a great gift for a real estate agent to give at closing. A landscape company that specializes in outdoor living spaces could present this as a thank you gift when the project is complete. This is also a great gift if you know your client is passionate about grilling. If your business works with clients in the restaurant industry, this could be a fun annual gift. A branding agency could give these out to their top clients to celebrate their “brand.”

Make it more meaningful.

Personalizing the Texas Branding Iron with an initial, monogram, name, saying, graphic or logo that is meaningful to the recipient with make this a more meaningful gift. Including a box of steaks would be another way to thank them. You could include a clever saying like:

  • Your brand is important to us. (From a branding agency with the client’s logo as the brand.)
  • Enjoy your “brand” new home. (From a real estate agent.)
  • We hope you enjoy your “brand” new yard by putting some steaks on the grill.

Get Yours

If you are looking for a great gift for the grill-lover or just a way to say thank you to clients, you can find Texas Branding Irons here. And yes, it would make a cool Father’s Day gift as well.

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