Gift of the Week – Stadium Map Art

Stadium Map ArtLoyal sports fans love their team. Some even decorate a room in their home where they watch the games on TV. I recently found a source for a classy piece of art that sports fans will love. Stadium Map Art has taken laser engraving to a new level. They combine area maps with a 3-D stadium for a piece that celebrates your favorite sports teams. The stadiums are for both college and professional teams. They have baseball fields as well as football stadiums.

Stadium Map Art have both city maps and state cutout maps. They start with a satellite image that they use to draw the maps. The maps are engraved with major roads, which are labeled. They also have significant landmarks. Placed in the correct geographic location, the stadium stands out from the rest of the map. You can also add optional acrylic lettering with the name of the state or college.

Stadium Map ArtWho gives Stadium Map Art as a gift?

Do you have a client who is passionate about their team? Do you know your client’s alma mater? They may already have season tickets, but they probably don’t have a piece like this for their home or office. Stadium Map Art is a great gift for people who work in sports marketing, journalism, or training. A team could give this to their corporate sponsors as a thank you gift to display at corporate headquarters.

Make it more meaningful.

For the passionate sports enthusiast, knowing their favorite team will help you choose a personal gift. Adding the name gives it an extra meaningful detail. You may have to do a little research, but most loyal sports fans aren’t shy about their loyalty. You may observe them wearing logoed apparel or hanging up a poster or flag. They may bring up the score of the most recent game and celebrate when their team wins.

Stadium Map ArtGet Yours

Stadium Map Art is made in Ohio and can be ordered online here.

Do you have a favorite team/stadium? Do they carry your alma mater or favorite team? Share below, I would love to know!


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