Gift of the Week – Ski Chair

Ski ChairDo you have a collection of used sporting equipment that isn’t being used anymore? Discarded sports equipment is filling garages, basements and storage facilities and no one wants them. Ski Chair collects some of that equipment and turns it into unique, usable pieces of outdoor furniture and home accessories. They accept donations of skis, boards, bats, sticks, and clubs at the Massachusetts facility. Ski Chair sorts the donations according to brand and color and then reused to create pieces. They recycle about 50,000 pieces of sports equipment each year. The furniture is created with high-quality cedar.

In addition to Adirondack chairs, they carry benches, coat racks, wine racks, and bottle openers. And if you know someone who likes to do it themselves, they can purchase plans to make their own chair with the used equipment taking up space in their garage.

Who gives a Ski Chair item as a gift?Ski Chair

If you have a niche of working in a certain sport (snow skiing, water skiing, baseball, or hockey) Ski Chair makes a perfect gift. You may also know that your client has a passion for one of these sports. Gift them with a piece that will blow them away.

When you do business on the golf course, give a golf piece to the clients or colleagues that you have golfed with. If your business brand is a play on a certain sport (Hat Trick Marketing, Home Run Realty) center your client appreciation gifts around that brand.

Make it more meaningful.

Know your customer. Give a Ski Chair product that reflects their sporting passion. Or give them a gift that reflects something you did together. Did you take them to a hockey game? Give them a hockey item. Were you at the baseball game together? Give them a baseball themed gift. Include the story of why you chose it and how it relates to them or your business relationship.

Get YoursSki Chair

Whether you have sports woven into your brand or you know your client has a passion for a certain sport, Ski Chair has unique gifts that will truly wow your clients.


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