Gift of the Week – Race Bib Gifts

These race bib gifts use an image of your actual race bib and turn it into a keepsake.

race bib giftsA Facebook friend recently ran the Boston Marathon. She proudly posted her picture with her bib on the night before. I also saw photos of her during and after the race sporting her number on her race bib. Running a marathon is kind of a big deal and Boston is a really big deal. So what does a runner do with her prized bib after the race is over? If it were my house, it might sit on the counter for a little while. We might put it up on a bulletin board or the refrigerator. But eventually it would be time to part with it. I found the perfect race bib gifts that will turn that personal race number into a usable piece for your home.

These race bib gifts are not made from the original race bib. You simply scan or take a photo of the race bib and send it to the company. They use the image to create frames, coasters, medal hangers, mugs, pillows and ornaments.

Who gives race bib gifts as a gift?

Are you a running coach or trainer? Celebrate your clients’ successes with a gift that reproduces their actual race bib. No matter what field you work in, if you know your client is running a race, race bib gifts are a great way to honor their accomplishment.

Make it more meaningful.race bib gifts

This gift is already highly meaningful because it has the recipient’s race number a bib reproduced on the item. If you aren’t with them personally, you can simply ask them to send you a photo of their race bib when they get it so you can follow their race number. They’ll never expect the personalized gift they receive a few weeks later. The photo frame gives you an opportunity to include a photo of them during or after their race in the personalized frame. You can probably find a picture on social media or just ask them to send one to you.

Get Yours

Race bib gifts are a great way to honor a client or colleague for a big accomplishment (whether it is a marathon or a 5K). Recognizing their hobbies and interests shows them that you support them and are interested in them as a person. You can find the selection of personalized race bib gifts here.

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