Gift of the Week – Pet Artus

Pet ArtusWe recently celebrated All American Pet Photo Day on July 11th. Maybe you missed it. If you love your pet and want a cool visual to honor it, you’ll love Pet Artus. They create customized word art in the shape of your pet. They have over 220 breeds available, so chances are good you can find a shape that matches your pet.

The Pet Artus pieces are printed, mounted and matted to fit an 11” by 14” frame. They have researched each dog breed and included the traits of the breed in the word art. You can personalize just with a name, or with specific words, phrases or dates to describe your pet. They also carry some dog items that have a superhero cape around the neck of the dog.

Although most of their collection are dogs, you can also find cats and horses.

Who gives Pet Artus as a gift?

Pet ArtusPet Artus is perfect for pet related businesses like dog walkers, pet sitters, animal communicators, trainers, or veterinarians. If your business is in one of these fields consider giving these to your top clients for a holiday like All American Pet Photo Day or as a memorial when a beloved pet passes.

Even if you aren’t a pet related business, you may have clients who love their pets. You know the ones. They refer to their “fur babies.” They talk about them, post pictures of them and are head over heels for their pet. By recognizing the most important thing in their lives, you will be showing them you care about what is important to them.

Make it more meaningful.

The meaning in this gift comes in recognizing the recipient’s beloved pet. As you personalize it with names, dates, phrases, and the breed, you will make the gift even more meaningful.

Get Yours

Pet Artus can be found on Etsy.



  1. Great idea for pet lovers! Thanks Deb.

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