Gift of the Week – Moonlight Pillows

Moonlight PillowsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You’ll probably see pink ribbons around for support. Even sports teams get in on the month by wearing pink on their uniforms. Pink ribbons are a nice reminder, but what if you have a client or colleague going through breast cancer? You might want to show your support, but not know quite what to do. Moonlight pillows are a thoughtful gift for breast cancer patients.

Moonlight Pillows were created by Nancy Lindgren. She had a friend diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to do something to give her comfort and support. The pillows support, cushion and protect tender areas caused by surgery and radiation. They are made by women at a correctional facility and come in a variety of colors. Each pillow comes in an organza gift bag and they will hand write a personal note if the pillow is a gift.

Moonlight PillowsWho gives Moonlight Pillows as a gift?

Sadly, breast cancer touches many lives. Although this isn’t a gift for any specific industry or to appreciate a client, it will mean a lot to someone facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Moonlight pillows are a great way of showing your support tangibly.

Make it more meaningful.

I love that Moonlight Pillows will hand write a personalized message to the recipient of the gift. What a wonderful way to personalize the gift and let them know you are rooting for them.

Get Yours

If you have a client or colleague going through treatment for breast cancer, Moonlight Pillows are a thoughtful gift of support. You can find them online here. In the gift card area, put the code: heart.

What have you done to show your support for a client or colleague going through cancer treatments? Maybe you have had cancer before. What did you appreciate during that time? Share your ideas in the comments.

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