Gift of the Week – Marcelita’s Cookies

I met Juan, the Cookie Man some time ago. We had an engaging conversation over delicious cookies. He shared how Marcelita’s Cookies came to be. It all began when they would entertain friends in their home. After dinner, Marcelita would bring out the cookies. Everyone raved. They encouraged her to sell her unique cookies. My grandmother used to make oatmeal scotchies. These are a little bit like that, but there is more. White chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, milk or dark chocolate and their secret blend of Mexican spices makes Marcelita’s Cookies something special.

Marcelita’s CookiesNow Marcelita is the genius in the kitchen, while Juan is in charge of business development. They, along with a team, are in the kitchen every weekend baking Marcelita’s Cookies and preparing them to ship out.

One of the things I love about Marcelita’s Cookies, is there attention to quality and detail. They use quality ingredients and don’t skimp just to save some money. The packaging is also extremely professional and polished. Each cookie is individually wrapped and then packaged in a gift box. Theiy have packages as small as 3 cookies up to 2 dozen. You can purchase packages that include coffee and mugs. They will also create custom cards with your business logo and portrait.

Who gives Marcelita’s Cookies as a gift?

Marcelita’s Cookies make great holiday gifts if you are looking to send something to all of your top clients. Their “Taste of Thanks” package makes a great thank you gift to thank a referral partner or center of influence for their help and support. They will package the cookies in individual boxes to use as favors at an event. These would be great to send as a house warming or new office gift.

Marcelita’s CookiesMake it more meaningful.

I love the option to personalize the cards with your business logo and message. Adding a personal message makes the gift more meaningful.

Get Yours

You can see the full selection of cookie gifts at Marcelita’s Cookies. Once you try them, you’ll understand just how amazing they are!

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