Gift of the Week – Linnell Design

Linnell DesignA personalized item is kept longer and is more meaningful to the recipient than any other gift. That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Linnell Design. Linnell Design takes items made of wood, fabric, leather, paper, plastic, metal, glass and stone and cuts and etches designs on them. Whether you want your logo, a photograph or words, they can create a unique gift for you.

Linnell Esler started Linnell Design. She has a background in design and uses her design skills along with a laser to cut and etch designs. The company has a huge catalog of options, but they are creative thinkers and love it when their clients come to them with ideas. They will create things from scratch based on what their clients want.

Their designs range from a small piece of jewelry or bookmark up to three dimensional boxes, wall signs and cutting boards. They have a selection of interactive designs that include toys and light switch covers that move using cranks and gears.

Linnell DesignWho gives Linnell Design as a gift?

A real estate agent could give a cutting board or light switch cover as a gift. Imagine the conversations that would start over a geared light switch cover. Each conversation leads back to the giver – free advertising! Book publishers, editors, designers, printers, etc. could have a unique wooden bookmark designed to give out as a low cost gift.

A personalized item like a serving tray, wall plaque, or cutting board makes a great wedding gift when etched with the bride and groom’s name.

Linnell DesignMake it more meaningful.

The meaning comes from adding important details to the piece – names, dates, sayings, photos or logos.

Get Yours

Linnell Design has many options to surprise and delight clients and colleagues. To see their options, contact them and create your own special gift, go here.


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