Gift of the Week: Lake Art

Lake Art produces unique gifts illustrating specific lakes, including depths and surrounding area.

Lake Art trayMy parents live on a lake in Ohio. They are at a place in life where they have everything they need, so they receive lots of creative, decorative gifts. When I was visiting I noticed a unique tray they had received.

The bottom of the serving tray was wood cutout of the lake they live on, covered with a glass bottom. The wood depicting the water is a turquoise blue with the second layer of the land with the cutout of the lake on top of that, followed by the layer of glass for protection. It also had etched in the wood the name and location of the lake, water depths, and surrounding streets. It was fascinating to look at the map and determine where they lived and other points of interest. The product was made by Lake Art, a company committed to making unique decorative pieces based on lakes around the world.

The lake and water are made of birch wood and the handles and sides of the tray are made from cherry. In addition to serving trays, Lake Art also makes wall art, clocks, cribbage boards, notebooks and photo albums. The ordering process is easy. You choose your product and then using a drop down menu, you choose country, state, county, and lake. They have 11 countries listed, plus the Great Lakes. If your lake isn’t in their database, they can custom create it for you.

Who gives lake art as a gift?Lake Art

Lake Art makes a great closing gift for a real estate agent specializing in lake homes. This is also a unique gift for a client or colleague who is retiring and looking forward to spending more time at the lake.




Lake Art notebookMake it more meaningful.

Order the lake where the recipient lives, owns property, or frequently vacations. If this is their “special place” then the gift will speak to them. If they rent out their lake property, then give them a notebook to use as a guest registry.

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To see all the products Lake Art has to offer and find your lake, go here.


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