Gift of the Week – Floating Golf Greens

floating golf greensGolfers tend to be obsessed with golf. Floating Golf Greens gives those golfers a new challenge where there is more water hazard than there is green. These floating mats are made of synthetic turf and float like islands on a swimming pool, lake or pond. They come with a cup, a flag, and a chipping pad as well as a dozen floating balls. The floating golf greens are not anchored down, so they will float and move a bit in the water. The size of the greens range from 3’x3’ to 14’x14’. Although fall weather is turning colder in the North, there are plenty of places that enjoy a year around summer where you could really enjoy this.

Who gives Floating Golf Greens as a gift?

Floating Golf Greens make a great gift for anyone who loves golf and has water access. If you know your client has a pool or a pond, this is a unique gift for them. It is also fun for the family that has a lake home or owns a boat. If you own a country club or golf course, these are great gifts for your top golfers at the club.

You can use floating golf greens as a prize for a golfing contest. This also makes a nice gift for the client who you know loves to golf and just bought a cabin on the lake.

Make it more meaningful.

When you address it, put FORE: (insert name). Play with these words in your messaging:

  • floating golf greensPutt
  • Hole
  • Swing
  • Tee
  • Ace
  • Birdie
  • Bogey
  • Par
  • Handicap
  • Bunker
  • Driver
  • Eagle
  • Mulligan

Get Yours

Even if you aren’t an avid golfer, Floating Golf Greens are a unique recreational gift for anyone with access to water. You can find them here. Do you know someone who would love this gift? Are they a golfer? Do they live on the water or have a pool? Share in the comments.


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