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Fish KissFish Kiss has fun, whimsical designs for each of the 50 states in the US. They sell their designs on plates, bowls, and platters, as well as prints, pillows, and baby clothes. It’s a great way to celebrate the state of someone you care about. Give a baby gift that celebrates the state the parent grew up in or the state you live in. Present a platter as a going away gift to someone moving out of state so they always remember their time in your state. Plant a pillow as a housewarming gift to celebrate their new home and their new home state.

Each state is represented by its state flag, slogan, landmarks and famous details about the state. My home state of Minnesota included things like the Mall of America, Little House on the Prairie, Paul Bunyan, and Judy Garland. The state I grew up in – Ohio – included the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Neil Armstrong, and Amish Country. There are also many major towns placed on the map. You can request a custom piece that adds a business or location to their existing art pieces to use for company gifts or to sell in a resort or store. These custom orders are only available for quantities of 100 or more.

Fish KissWho gives Fish Kiss as a gift?

Fish Kiss gifts are a fun way to celebrate a state. They make adorable baby gifts and meaningful wedding gifts. For a state specific company, they make a great employee or client gift. These are great for realtors, closing companies, and relocation experts. Travel and event planners can give this after a client returns from a trip or event in another state.

Make it more meaningful.

Knowing the state that would mean the most to the recipient will make this a meaningful gift. You can choose the state they grew up in, where they went to college, or where they recently relocated from.

Get Yours

You can pick out your favorite Fish Kiss product at their website. What state would you most like to celebrate? Which product do you like the best? Share in the comments.


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