Gift of the Week – Creative Bookmarks

creative bookmarksThe past week we celebrated National Read a Book Day (September 6) and Buy a Book Day (September 7). If you are stumped for the perfect gift to give for these holidays, I’ve got some great ideas for you. Animi Causa carries a selection of creative bookmarks that make great gifts for book lovers. Many books are read digitally, but there are still book lovers who prefer the feeling of turning physical pages.

Their creative bookmarks have things sticking out of your books like a submarine, a tongue, or a pair of feet. They are sure to get comments or giggles from the recipient and anyone who sees it.

Who gives creative bookmarks as a gift?

creative bookmarksA bookmark may seem like a mundane gift. These creative bookmarks become a conversation piece. These are great for anyone who supports authors and writers. A publisher could send these out to all of their published authors for a yearly holiday gift. Editors, proofreaders and book coaches can use these as a thank you to their clients. An author might consider enclosing a bookmark with a large sale of books as an extra thank you.

creative bookmarksMake it more meaningful.

Although you can’t personalize these bookmarks, you can personalize the message.

  • Lose yourself in a good book.
  • Hope you enjoy this book so much, that you don’t want to come up for air.
  • I say, “PFFT!” to digital reading. Enjoy reading a physical copy of a book.
  • Enjoy this “reading lamp.” It may not help you read in the dark, but it will help you find your spot.
  • Dive into a good book!
  • Reading books will “light up” your mind.

Get Yours

If you are looking for an unusual bookmark, Animi Causa has a great selection. You can find a creative bookmark to meet your needs here.

What’s your preference when it comes to books? Do you read digitally or hard copies? Do you have a bookmark or do you fold down pages?


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