Gift of the Week – Botanical Paperworks

We have so much paper in our world. There are books about getting rid of it, challenges for clearing the paper clutter, blog posts, etc. Botanical Paperworks is adding paper to the world that is biodegradable and plantable. There are many varieties of seed paper that can be planted instead of thrown away.

Botanical ConfettiI love their biodegradable seed paper confetti. I have used it as a little something extra to put in the envelope. Throwing a handful of paper confetti won’t cost more than a regular stamp, but it will add a little bit of dimension and interest. They carry dozens of colors, so you can choose a color to match your brand. The confetti is mostly heart and flower shaped, but they also have some circles and leaf shapes.

Besides confetti, Botanical Paperworks carries other interesting seed paper. They have paper coins and bills that you can personalize with a business logo. Their larger die cut shapes can be used as promotional items.

Botanical PaperworksWho gives Botanical Paperworks as a gift?

Flower shops, landscaping companies, and yard maintenance companies could give these out for their clients and prospects to plant in their yards. I love the idea of banks and financial planners sending out the “seed money.” Health coaches could send vegetable seed paper to encourage their clients to grow their own food.

Make it more meaningful.

Choose a color to match your brand for a subtle connection without being blatantly promotional. Include a clever message like:

  • Thanks for letting us help you “grow” your money. (Financial Planners)
  • Thanks for letting us help you “grow” your business. (Marketing firms, business coaches, web designers)
  • Thanks for your business. “Lettuce” know if you need anything.
  • I love helping you connect to your “roots.” (Genealogist, family history preservation)

Get Yours

If you are looking for a little something extra to stick in an envelope, Botanical Paperworks is a fun way to surprise your recipients. Use caution if you are ordering something branded. Branded items are great to use as promotional products, but aren’t a true gift to be used to appreciate clients. You can find them here.



  1. I love this idea for clients gifts and referrals. Also I will have some hearts made for pet condolence cards I send to clients. Thank you so much Deb. You are the best!

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