Gift of the Week – Math Clock

Telling time just got a little bit harder with this clock. The round face and hands of this math clock look familiar, but the numbers have been replaced with math problems. What time is it when the hour hand is on 630/126 and the minute hand is on -8 = 2-x? That would be 5:50, […]

How to Improve Customer Experience: The Tour Guide Method

How to improve customer experience by acting as the tour guide of your business. Not too long ago, I took my kids on a tour of a historic mansion. As we purchased our tickets, we were told where to go and what to do and when to expect our tour to begin. After a brief […]

Gift of the Week – Requip’d

Do you love hockey? You’ll love these hockey gifts from Requip’d. Hockey fans everywhere will love these re-purposed hockey sticks. Requip’d began when 2 hockey dads put their heads together to figure out what to do with the broken sticks in their garage. What began with a BBQ set has expanded to include snow brushes, […]

Memorable Mail: Fun snail mail ideas for Lemonade Day

Check out these fun snail mail ideas centered around a packet of lemonade. You may not have realized it, but Sunday, May 7, 2017 was Lemonade Day. I used the holiday as a springboard for one of my fun snail mail ideas. These individual sized lemonade powder packets were sweetened with Stevia, so they were […]

Gift of the Week – Personalized Golf Balls

Now that the snow has melted and the sun has dried out and greened up the grass, golf players are grabbing their clubs and getting out on the course. Recently I was looking for a gift for an office that had a number of golfers. I ordered a putting green, putter, and some personalized golf […]

Gift of the Week – Race Bib Gifts

These race bib gifts use an image of your actual race bib and turn it into a keepsake. A Facebook friend recently ran the Boston Marathon. She proudly posted her picture with her bib on the night before. I also saw photos of her during and after the race sporting her number on her race […]

How to Retain Customers

Increasing retention increases revenues better than bringing in new clients. Smart business owners know how to retain customers. According to Harvard Business School, a mere 5% increase in retention will increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. Clearly client retention has a bigger impact on the bottom line than acquiring new clients. It saves money […]

Gift of the Week – Ski Chair

Do you have a collection of used sporting equipment that isn’t being used anymore? Discarded sports equipment is filling garages, basements and storage facilities and no one wants them. Ski Chair collects some of that equipment and turns it into unique, usable pieces of outdoor furniture and home accessories. They accept donations of skis, boards, […]

Funny things you can send in the mail – like cheeseballs!

This container of cheeseballs is one of the funny things you can send in the mail. When I walked past the giant container of cheeseballs at the store, I knew I had to try mailing it. It was big, self-contained, and in a hard plastic container. But who would appreciate that volume of cheeseballs? Clearly […]

Gift of the Week – Tokens & Icons

Hey sports fans! Do you want to keep your love of the game and your team alive even after the season is over? Now that March Madness is over, you may be missing the action on the courts. You can carry a piece of the courts with you everywhere you go. Tokens & Icons takes […]