How Many Follow Up Emails Does it Take?

How many follow up emails does it take to convert a prospect to a sale? Of course, it depends. Last fall I had a big gift box project. Here is the story of how long I followed up to get that sale. On February 23, 2016 I received an email introduction to a guy who […]

The Follow up Dilemma – Persistent or Annoying?

Follow up. You know you need to. Remember that prospect that, “wasn’t quite ready yet”? You told them, “No problem. Get back to me when you’re ready.” But now it has been a long time. Long enough for them to make the decision, get the financing, or whatever was holding them back. And you haven’t […]

Time Lapse of Gift Basket Assembly

Recently, I assembled 170 gift baskets for a financial planning office for their clients for the holidays. I thought it would be fun to do a time lapse film of the process. We took 2 different videos, which covered about 2/3 of the gift baskets (around 120). There was also the process of boxing them […]

Building a relationship with strategic business partners

Strategic business partners can open doors for you, help you build your business, and give you referrals. Once you have identified who they are in your business, it is important to stay in touch with them. Keeping in touch in a friendly way reminds them of you. Doing it consistently ensures that you are top […]

4 Follow Up Tips

Statistics tell us that follow up makes a difference. Increasing the number of times you follow up with a prospect directly effects sales. Here are some statistics, along with follow up tips on how to be effective. (To view bigger, click on the image.)   Want 50 Friendly Follow Up Ideas? Go Here. How do […]

How to start a relationship with referral partners.

Having a group of strategic referral partners is one of the best ways to get new leads for your business. Referral partners who are connected to your ideal clients can send new business your way over and over again. Once you identify the type of business or industry that sees your ideal client before they […]

Gift of the Week – Soak it Up Cloths

A couple years ago, my mom sent me a gift for Valentine’s Day. It was a rectangle that was stiff and thicker than paper. It was decorated with hearts. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Should I hang it on the wall? Was it meant to be a large coaster? It wasn’t quite […]

Who are your centers of influence?

If you are in business for yourself, you quickly realize how much there is to do. You are the marketing department, the sales department, billing, customer service, and so much more. Plus, you have to do the work that you are getting paid to do. Going it alone can be challenging, but having a team […]

Gift of the Week – Eco Flowers

There are many occasions where sending flowers is a nice gesture – holidays, get well soon, condolences, etc. The problem is that fresh flowers don’t last. They may be beautiful to begin with, but eventually they have to be discarded. What if you could send flowers that last forever? Eco Flowers creates flowers out of […]

Push the Pause Button on Email Follow Up

Email follow up is quick, easy and inexpensive. You can send it whenever you think of it. It doesn’t matter if your prospect lives in a different time zone you don’t have to worry about what time it is. If you are working late, you won’t interrupt them. The problem with email follow up is […]