Is your business spreadable? Sharable client experiences.

Client experiences that delight make it easy for clients to tell others about you. In 1977 Pillsbury had a commercial about just how spreadable their frosting was. They cut a knife out of a paper plate and showed everyone that you could spread it with a paper knife. While all you needed was a paper […]

I don’t have loyalty to a photographer.

As I worked with my daughter to choose a photographer for her senior pictures, I realized that no photographer has earned my loyalty. Because of that, this will be the 5th professional photographer I have used in the last 10 years. When my oldest was a senior, I knew a photographer through networking. I hired […]

Why Building Loyalty Matters

There are many things to consider when growing a business. Especially if you are a 1 person show, you have to cover marketing, sales, operations and delivering your goods or services. Building loyalty may seem like one of those things you’ll get around to once everything else is running smoothly. The problem is, if you […]

Book Review: The Referral Engine

 I had a hard time getting into The Referral Engine and seeing it through to the end. I expected a book that was focused on referral systems. This book goes much farther than that and lays the foundations of business systems. A business has to have the foundations in place before a referral system will […]

A Promotional Product that Helps Build Trust with Clients.

  You can build trust with clients by giving them an appropriate promotional product. A client wanted to let his clients know that he was there for them. He is a life insurance agent and works primarily with adults over the age of 50. Some of his clients are 80 or older. He found that […]

A Welcome Package that Works

Having a great onboarding process means a smooth transition for new clients. It has the potential to make them feel welcome and reassured that they made the right decision. A great welcome package can encourage your new client to refer you to others. Last year we worked with Behave Your Best to help improve their […]

Book Review: 365 Thank Yous

In December of 2007, John Kralik wasn’t happy with his life. His law firm was struggling to make ends meet. He was going through a difficult divorce. His girlfriend was ready to leave him. He lived in a tiny run-down apartment that was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. At age 53, […]

Giftology Book Review

“The overall goal of Giftology is to make someone feel special and acknowledged by gifting them with ‘practical luxuries.’” ~John Ruhlin John Ruhlin uses gifts to open doors and build relationships in business. His book, Giftology, shares the philosophy and strategy he uses in gift giving. Here are some gems from the book: When you […]

Create a Win-Win with Centers of Influence

Your centers of influence may be a step or two ahead of you in business and you may feel you have nothing to give in return. Here are 6 ways you can do something for them. Identifying centers of influence for your business is a great way to work with others to help grow your […]

How to write a client referral thank you letter.

Four things you should include in a client referral thank you letter. When a client sends you a referral, it is important to acknowledge and thank them for the referral. There can be different levels of thanks depending on the level of referrals. Did it turn into a big sale? Have they given you multiple […]