Repeat business. When will they need you again?

Repeat business is a great source of revenues, but you need to know the average time between sales in your industry. Past clients are a great source of repeat business as well as referrals. According to Sweet Tooth repeat customers’ sales conversion is nine times higher than a new prospect. Knowing how long before they […]

Reconnect with Acquaintances to Build Your Business

Recently, I was at an event where I had the opportunity to reconnect with many people I had met through the years in different situations. Some I recognized their faces. Others their name rang a bell. One woman said she thought I looked familiar – we are Facebook friends. Connections like these acquaintances are only […]

Celebrate to Reactivate Clients

Sending a simple birthday card may be a great way to reactivate clients in your business. Do you have clients you haven’t heard from in a while? They may have been great clients who for one reason or another haven’t invested in your services recently. Sometimes clients have health concerns or family problems that derail […]