Gift of the Week – Gratitude Glass Jars

Having a gratitude practice changes lives. Studies tell us that gratitude makes us happier, healthier, and improves all areas of our lives. ( Gratitude Glass Jars are a simple, elegant way to introduce a habit of gratitude into your life. The beautiful pedestal jars have the word Gratitude in gold on the outside. They also […]

Behind The Scenes of a Client Appreciation Project.

While working on a recent client appreciation project, I realized once again how valuable it is to have someone handling the details. Here is the client appreciation project from my client’s perspective: The client submits concept, content, names and addresses, and sends content to graphic designer. She approves the ribbon design, jar type and candy. […]

Gift of the Week – Moonlight Pillows

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You’ll probably see pink ribbons around for support. Even sports teams get in on the month by wearing pink on their uniforms. Pink ribbons are a nice reminder, but what if you have a client or colleague going through breast cancer? You might want to show your support, but […]

What are you doing for Boss’s Day?

It is Boss’s Day on October 16th. You may be wondering what the most appropriate way to appreciate your boss is. Appreciating a boss, manager, or superior can be tricky. You don’t want to cross a line, yet if you have a great boss, you want to encourage them to keep up the good work. […]

Gift of the Week – Flatyz Candles

I’m not a big candle fan, but when I saw Flatyz Candles, I was intrigued. These candles are flat. At just about 6 inches tall and less than a half of an inch thick, they slide into a metal base. You can also use the base as a snuffer. They burn without dripping wax or […]

Gift of the Week – Floating Golf Greens

Golfers tend to be obsessed with golf. Floating Golf Greens gives those golfers a new challenge where there is more water hazard than there is green. These floating mats are made of synthetic turf and float like islands on a swimming pool, lake or pond. They come with a cup, a flag, and a chipping […]

Gift of the Week – Marcelita’s Cookies

I met Juan, the Cookie Man some time ago. We had an engaging conversation over delicious cookies. He shared how Marcelita’s Cookies came to be. It all began when they would entertain friends in their home. After dinner, Marcelita would bring out the cookies. Everyone raved. They encouraged her to sell her unique cookies. My […]

Gift of the Week – Creative Bookmarks

The past week we celebrated National Read a Book Day (September 6) and Buy a Book Day (September 7). If you are stumped for the perfect gift to give for these holidays, I’ve got some great ideas for you. Animi Causa carries a selection of creative bookmarks that make great gifts for book lovers. Many […]

Gift of the Week – Lucky Feather

A piece of jewelry can make a nice gift. It is even better when it is meaningful and better yet when the packaging is meaningful. Lucky Feather creates meaningful jewelry that is packaged with a message. Whether you are looking for an inspirational phrase, a special birthday or wedding gift, or an initial or state […]

Gift of the Week – Potato Parcel

Imagine your surprise if you opened your mailbox to find a potato – with a message on it. Alex Craig saw an article online about how you could mail a potato in the mail, just by placing an address and some stamps on it. The post had so many hits it got him thinking. He […]