Gift of the Week – Race Bib Gifts

These race bib gifts use an image of your actual race bib and turn it into a keepsake. A Facebook friend recently ran the Boston Marathon. She proudly posted her picture with her bib on the night before. I also saw photos of her during and after the race sporting her number on her race […]

Gift of the Week – Ski Chair

Do you have a collection of used sporting equipment that isn’t being used anymore? Discarded sports equipment is filling garages, basements and storage facilities and no one wants them. Ski Chair collects some of that equipment and turns it into unique, usable pieces of outdoor furniture and home accessories. They accept donations of skis, boards, […]

Gift of the Week – Tokens & Icons

Hey sports fans! Do you want to keep your love of the game and your team alive even after the season is over? Now that March Madness is over, you may be missing the action on the courts. You can carry a piece of the courts with you everywhere you go. Tokens & Icons takes […]

Gift of the Week – Screencraft Gifts

Do you have a place that is special to you? It could be your hometown, college town, or place you got engaged. Maybe it is the country your ancestors came from or the birthplace of someone important in your life. Screencraft Gifts creates one-of-a-kind keepsakes by printing maps on marble tiles. Their gift selection includes […]

Gift of the Week – Hello Life

Angie Weber had been the right-hand gal to an entrepreneur for a number of years when she got “the itch.” She was ready to jump in and create her own business. After exploring a few options that just weren’t quite the right fit, she settled on an all-natural cosmetic line which she named Hello Life. […]

Gift of the Week – Too Cute Totes

Karen Scott decided to make tote bags one year for Christmas for family and friends. They turned out so cute that people started asking her for them. Fast forward to today and Too Cute Totes is a line of designs created by the founder, Karen. Each design can be created in a wide selection of […]

Memorable Mail: Mail a box of cereal.

How to mail a box of cereal and grab someone’s attention. Can you mail a box of cereal without putting it in a box? In my most recent mail experiment I did just that. As the mail clerk weighed it to determine the postage he declared it, “the most expensive box of cereal.” While the […]

Gift of the Week – Insta-Luck Four-Leaf Clover

I remember sitting in the grass as a young girl, searching through patches of clover to find a lucky 4-leaf clover. I did find a few, but it was long, tedious work. If you want to wish someone good luck, but don’t have the time to sit in a patch of clovers, the Insta-Luck Four-Leaf […]

Gift of the Week – Black Ink Notepad Stationery

Black Ink Notepad Stationery combines the convenience of a notepad with the quality of personalized stationery.   Even in our digital world, we still need paper. Whether you jot down a note or to-do list or write a note to someone, you use paper. Black Ink Notepad Stationery combines the convenience of a notepad with […]

Book Review: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace shares how we can make people feel appreciated in the business world.   In his book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, Gary Chapman applies his work to business. The basic concept is that as individuals we each have a preferred way of receiving appreciation. […]