Gift of the Week – The Pillow Bar

When her husband had back surgery, Merrimac Dillon wanted to do everything she could to keep him walking. She asked the doctors for their recommendations on mattresses, shoes, and pillows that would be best for him. When it came to pillows, the doctors had nothing to recommend. Now she was on a mission to find […]

Gift of the Week – Fish Kiss

Fish Kiss has fun, whimsical designs for each of the 50 states in the US. They sell their designs on plates, bowls, and platters, as well as prints, pillows, and baby clothes. It’s a great way to celebrate the state of someone you care about. Give a baby gift that celebrates the state the parent […]

Gift of the Week – Stadium Map Art

Loyal sports fans love their team. Some even decorate a room in their home where they watch the games on TV. I recently found a source for a classy piece of art that sports fans will love. Stadium Map Art has taken laser engraving to a new level. They combine area maps with a 3-D […]

Memorable Mail: Can you mail glow sticks?

A package of glow sticks is small and light weight. The packaging is secure. I wondered, “Can you mail glow sticks?” I waited for a good opportunity to send them. After attending a networking meeting where a client said some really wonderful things to me about our work together I knew it was the perfect […]

Gift of the Week – Pet Artus

We recently celebrated All American Pet Photo Day on July 11th. Maybe you missed it. If you love your pet and want a cool visual to honor it, you’ll love Pet Artus. They create customized word art in the shape of your pet. They have over 220 breeds available, so chances are good you can […]

Gift of the Week – Linnell Design

A personalized item is kept longer and is more meaningful to the recipient than any other gift. That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Linnell Design. Linnell Design takes items made of wood, fabric, leather, paper, plastic, metal, glass and stone and cuts and etches designs on them. Whether you want your logo, a […]

Gift of the Week – Not for Navigation

Summertime is lake time. Whether you own a cabin, rent one out, visit a resort, or drive to the local beach, spending time at the lake is a popular summer activity. Not for Navigation creates custom keepsakes out of maps and nautical charts. Although they focus on lakes, you can have one created from a […]

Memorable Mail: Send a Flower Pot

Last year I sent a bucket in the mail. This year, I wanted to do something similar but more interesting. I wanted to send a flower pot and seeds. First, I purchased an inexpensive plastic pot and a packet of seeds. Next, I wrote a note to a client thanking her for her business and […]

Gift of the Week – Botanical Paperworks

We have so much paper in our world. There are books about getting rid of it, challenges for clearing the paper clutter, blog posts, etc. Botanical Paperworks is adding paper to the world that is biodegradable and plantable. There are many varieties of seed paper that can be planted instead of thrown away. I love […]

Gift of the Week – Greetabl

Do you ever want to send just a little something, but something more interesting than a gift card? That is the exact niche that Greetabl looks to serve. It is for times when a card is not enough, but a $50 bouquet of flowers is too much. They have put a lot of effort into […]