Use a client exit survey for feedback and referrals.

Use a client exit survey to get past the polite “excuses” and get real feedback.   When a client stops working with you, it may be for a number of reasons. As a business owner, you may think you know, but unless you take the time to ask, you don’t have all the information. When […]

Acts of Service Opens Doors

You are probably more than willing to give acts of service to your clients and colleagues, but have you considered asking them for help?   Over the last few weeks, I have given and received small acts of service that have opened doors. In asking for what was needed, it gave the other person permission […]

How to Earn Referrals

In her song, Bonnie Raitt says, “Let’s give them something to talk about.” While her song is talking about people gossiping about a couple falling in love, those words provide an important business lesson. If you want to know how to earn referrals, you first need to give people, “something to talk about.” Referrals from […]

Zappos delivers happiness, do you? Create a customer appreciation program.

A number of years ago, I read the Zappos book: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. The book tells the story of the Zappos company. It outlines the ups and downs that brought it to where it is today. Zappos is a model company for making its customers happy. The online shoe retailer is known for […]

Are people talking about you?

  In the early 1980’s Faberge had shampoo commercials that said: “It was so good that I told 2 friends about it and they told 2 friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.” On the screen, you see the picture multiply from 1 person to 16 as the word spreads about how […]

Are you referable?

You can put all kinds of systems and incentives in place, but if your business isn’t referable, you still won’t get any referrals. Recently, my daughter’s instrument needed repair. We have been going to the same guy for years. He does great work. He is honest and ethical. My daughter mentioned there was someone who […]

How to Improve Customer Experience

There is a picture of me as a little girl wearing my dad’s shoes. I was probably about 2 years old. There is something sweet about seeing a small child trying on and trying to walk in their parents’ shoes. For a small child, it is hard to balance in shoes that are too big. […]

How to turn one transaction into a loyal client.

Cha-ching! For a small business owner, every transaction brings a smile to your face. Each transaction means more cash flow and revenues, the ability to pay your bills and keep doing what you are doing. All the big and little transactions add up to the freedom to run your own business. While transactions are important […]

What Best Friends Can Teach You About Business Relationships

My best friend in elementary school and I used to love to spend time at each other’s house. We would play family or school. My best friend in high school and I spent all our spare time talking through problems with parents, boys we liked, teachers that drove us crazy. My best friend in college […]

Creating a Client Experience

Have you ever attended an event that was a magical experience? You may have noticed a few details that stood out, but most of the things that contributed to that experience were imperceptible. Event planners put a lot of time and effort into things like lighting, sound and decorations that create the overall mood of […]