Gift of the Week – Linnell Design

A personalized item is kept longer and is more meaningful to the recipient than any other gift. That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Linnell Design. Linnell Design takes items made of wood, fabric, leather, paper, plastic, metal, glass and stone and cuts and etches designs on them. Whether you want your logo, a […]

Book Review: Customer Satisfaction is Worthless

Most businesses are striving to satisfy their customers. That is why the title, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless, by Jeffrey Gitomer is so surprising. He points out that satisfied customers may buy from you again or they may try the competition. LOYAL customers are what we should be striving for. Loyal customers […]

Gift of the Week – Not for Navigation

Summertime is lake time. Whether you own a cabin, rent one out, visit a resort, or drive to the local beach, spending time at the lake is a popular summer activity. Not for Navigation creates custom keepsakes out of maps and nautical charts. Although they focus on lakes, you can have one created from a […]

Memorable Mail: Send a Flower Pot

Last year I sent a bucket in the mail. This year, I wanted to do something similar but more interesting. I wanted to send a flower pot and seeds. First, I purchased an inexpensive plastic pot and a packet of seeds. Next, I wrote a note to a client thanking her for her business and […]

Gift of the Week – Botanical Paperworks

We have so much paper in our world. There are books about getting rid of it, challenges for clearing the paper clutter, blog posts, etc. Botanical Paperworks is adding paper to the world that is biodegradable and plantable. There are many varieties of seed paper that can be planted instead of thrown away. I love […]

A Meaningful Thank You

There are times when you want to give a meaningful thank you without taking someone out to lunch or giving them a gift card. When someone deserves a big thank you, but lives far away, taking them out to lunch is impractical. It can also be hard to pin down someone with a busy schedule […]

Gift of the Week – Greetabl

Do you ever want to send just a little something, but something more interesting than a gift card? That is the exact niche that Greetabl looks to serve. It is for times when a card is not enough, but a $50 bouquet of flowers is too much. They have put a lot of effort into […]

Is your Customer Retention Program Reactive or Proactive?

You have a process: get leads, follow up, do your craft. Then one day you realize you’re dropping some balls. You have an interested prospect – but their time frame is a year or more. How are you going to stay in front of them? A contract is coming to an end and you worry […]

Gift of the Week: Bullet Pen

The Bullet Pen is a great gift for military, gun lovers, or to celebrate the 4th of July! I’m not usually a big advocate of pens as gifts. They can be overdone. But this particular pen has intrigued me because it is so unique. The .375 Caliber Bullet Pen looks like a bullet. The cap […]

Book Review: Hug Your Customers

I read Hug Your Customers a number of years ago. It is a great lesson on how taking care of your customers can increase your profits. I reread it recently and re-learned a lot of great principles that can be adapted to any business. Hug Your Customers The author of Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell, […]