Gift of the Week: Bullet Pen

The Bullet Pen is a great gift for military, gun lovers, or to celebrate the 4th of July! I’m not usually a big advocate of pens as gifts. They can be overdone. But this particular pen has intrigued me because it is so unique. The .375 Caliber Bullet Pen looks like a bullet. The cap […]

Book Review: Hug Your Customers

I read Hug Your Customers a number of years ago. It is a great lesson on how taking care of your customers can increase your profits. I reread it recently and re-learned a lot of great principles that can be adapted to any business. Hug Your Customers The author of Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell, […]

Gift of the Week: Lake Art

Lake Art produces unique gifts illustrating specific lakes, including depths and surrounding area. My parents live on a lake in Ohio. They are at a place in life where they have everything they need, so they receive lots of creative, decorative gifts. When I was visiting I noticed a unique tray they had received. The […]

Memorable Mail: Mailing Flip Flops

I had heard about mailing flip flops and wanted to try it myself. I sent these as a welcome gift to a new client. Can you send flip flops in the mail? I saw this idea online and watched for the right opportunity to try it. Oh how I have been looking forward to sending […]

Gift of the Week – Texas Branding Irons

Do you know someone who is the grill master? Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves grilled meat? Texas Branding Irons are a unique gift to use on your home grill. Just as the ranchers in Texas have brands for their cattle, you can sear a brand into the meat as […]

Is there such a thing as over thanking?

How much of a thank you is enough? When someone does something for you – whether it’s a favor or an unexpected gift – you probably want to thank them. Sometimes it is hard to know when and if you have properly thanked someone. You may find yourself telling them thank you on a phone […]

Gift of the Week – Cork Globe

Do you know someone who loves to travel? They probably collect unique mementos from around the world that your gifts could never compete with. Consider giving them a way to track their travels with a cork globe. This unique globe comes in 2 sizes that fit nicely on a desk or shelf and pushpins to […]

Are You a Commodity? Set Yourself Apart.

At almost every networking meeting I have attended in the last 10 years, there has been at least one real estate agent, financial planner, insurance agent, and chiropractor. If you have been in business very long, you have probably met your fair share of people in these professions. There is nothing wrong with that. I […]

Gift of the Week – Ten Thousand Villages

I recently received a gift of a necklace from India. I love it and love that it not only benefits me, but also helps someone in India who took the time to make it by hand. The gift is from Ten Thousand Villages, a nonprofit social enterprise that has been in existence since 1946. If […]

Book Review: The Referral Engine

 I had a hard time getting into The Referral Engine and seeing it through to the end. I expected a book that was focused on referral systems. This book goes much farther than that and lays the foundations of business systems. A business has to have the foundations in place before a referral system will […]