Touch Your Client's Heart

Build relationships with prospects, clients, partners and staff.

Relationships are the Foundation of a
Long-lasting Business 

Sales people who build a relationship with prospects increase sales conversions.

Businesses who build a relationship with clients increase client retention and client reactivation.

Businesses who build a relationship with partners receive more referrals and reciprocity.

Businesses who build a relationship with team members have lower turnover and better customer service.

Business relationships have a direct impact on business growth and longevity.

If you care about the people in your business, but aren't doing a good job letting them know, maybe it's time to create a relationship marketing plan. A relationship marketing plan gives you a repeatable system to take care of the people in your business.

Deb Brown

Deb Brown, founder

Building business relationships is all about follow up. Whether it's following up with a prospect, or keeping in touch with referral partners, you need to keep following up to stay top of mind. Grab a copy of 50 Friendly Follow up Ideas for a variety of ideas to follow up and keep in touch. 

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Lifelong Loyal Clients

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At one point or another all businesses have lost clients. The surprising truth is that 68% of those clients left because they believe the business doesn't care about them.

Deb Brown shows business leaders how to be strategic and intentional in the way the show appreciation to clients and nurture relationships by using "The WOW System."

Relationships are the foundation of a long-lasting business. Relationships are what produce lifelong loyal clients.

Deb Brown

Deb Brown

About Deb

Deb Brown is the author of Lifelong Loyal Clients. She runs a company called Touch Your Client’s Heart. Deb works with business owners who want to build better relationships and never let an important contact slip through the cracks. She speaks to groups of business owners on how to stay-in-touch and create word-of-mouth, good will in the marketplace. 

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